NGO News – NGO International organized a seminar at Ministry of Industry & Trade headquarters to introduce MBR-X technology in Vietnam.


Along with the economic and social development goals, environment protection objective for sustainable development has received interest and attention of Vietnamese Government and experts for many years, particularly in the context of many violations related to wastewater treatment recently. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment at present, the amount of untreated wastewater in Vietnam is up to 1.5 billion m3, in which sewage water in urban areas and industrial zones is about 1 billion m3. Only 30 percent of industrial and manufacturing facilities has wastewater treatment system, but most of these facilities’ operation doesn’t meet standard or not regular.

With the aim to bring the more opportunities for Vietnamese scientists, companies, corporations to access to the advanced technologies in the world, as well as to implement the high tech development program for environment industry in Viet Nam of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam environmental industry association, NGO international and Sevoo collaborated to organize the seminar “Cost saving, Enhanced efficiency in waste water treatment with XMBR technology” on March, 17th 2016. The seminar had the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, the environment technology institutes, the Industrial parks management board and the corporations.

According to the Deputy Prof.Dr. Tran Duc Ha at the workshop, the popular wastewater treatment technologies in Vietnam are still the traditional activated sludge methods which have large area requirement, high investment cost, unstable effluent quality. Few facilities have applied MBR technology in treatment process but have trouble with large investment cost, membrane import, and difficult operation because of the membrane’s fouling.

New MBR-X technology first introduced in Vietnam by NGO International Ltd. This technology has been awarded with 7 patents and applied successfully for hundreds of projects in various sectors in many countries such as China, Germany, Russia, India,… with the treatment produce meeting “A standard”, saving cost, simple system operation, service life up-to 10 years for domestic and medical sewage water. MBR-X water production system is energy efficient  due to low TMP, which can work under gravity without using suction pumps. According to NGO representative, although the projects in Vietnam only have 2000 – 4000 mg/l MLSS, MBR-X system can achieved the biomass from 10000 to 15000 mg/l.

The conference participants raised objective questions about MBR-X technology to consider its implementation possibility in Vietnam. According to many participants’ opinions, MBR-X has wide future and is suitable with Vietnam environment. They hope that MBR-X technology can reach many cities of Vietnam and in the near future Vietnam will have the MBR-X manufacturing facility to serve domestic demand.

MBR-X technology was invented and perfected during 20 years by Dr. Wu Hua of SEVOO Shanghai, and is introduced in Vietnam through the exclusive representation by NGO international Co., Ltd.

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