In order to encourage investors for capital borrowing to implement projects on environmental protection, from January 1, 2018, Vietnam Environment Protection Fund has lowered the preferential lending interest rate from 3.6% / year. to 2.6% / year.


The application of a more favourable lending interest rate (2.6% / year) for wastewater treatment projects merely supports the owners to perform their environmental protection responsibilities while contributing to re-creating the overall environmental efficiency for the whole society by stimulating investment in the advanced, modern and energy-saving treatment systems.

The preferential borowing rate for environmental protection investment projects of Vietnam Environment Protection Fund in 2018 is as follows:

1. Applying interest rate of 2.6% / year for:

1.1 Projects in the following areas (regardless of Security interests):

– Centralized waste water treatment of Industrial Zone / Cluster; Concentrated daily-life wastewater with a designed capacity of 2,500m3 or more of wastewater in a day and night for urban areas of grade IV or higher;

– Hazardous waste treatment;

– Waste treatment of factories, hospitals and craft villages (wastewater, exhaust gas, dust, …)

1.2 Projects with Security interests by Bank guarantees

2. Apply interest rate of 3.6% / year for projects not in the above cases

Along with the reduction of investment interest rates, after 15 years of operation, the processes, procedures and procedures for borrowing capital of the Vietnam Environment Protection Fund have been increasingly improved, overcome the shortcomings, limitations and obstacles in Actual application process. It can be said that, so far, these regulations have created favorable conditions for customers to borrow capital at the Fund, while ensuring strict implementation of current financial management regulations.

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