NGO News – On occasion of World Water Day 2017, NGO launches new program to join hands with society in wastewater treatment.

Do you know?

  • At present, 80 percent wastewater is being directly discharged into environment without treatment and not being re-used
  • 842,000 people die from a waterrelated diseases each year
  • 1,8 billion people live without access to safe water

These are “alarming” numbers published in the World Water Day on March, 22th 2017 under the theme “Wastewater”.

We as a company working in environmental field, with the desire to raise enterprises and investors’  awareness of waste water treatment and provide “cost-effective, efficient” waste water treatment solutions, NGO has offcially launched the program “TOGETHER, BRINGING WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS TO EVERY ENTERPRISES”, from March, 22th 2017.


With the program “TOGETHER, BRINGING WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS TO EVERY ENTERPRISES”, NGO encourages individuals and organizations to introduce information of enterprises that need waste water treatment solutions and we are willing to provide free consultating service. When participating in the program and introduce enterprise, you have opportunity to receive many attractive gifts with value up to 20 million VND. At the same time, you are helping your friends to understand and select the suitable waste water treatment solutions, carrying out social responsibility in environmental protection.

To join the program, please send us information at or contact directly to our hotline 0983248290.

The program is valid until Dec 31st, 2017.

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