NGOs, as a comprehensive environmental solution provider, have participated in disseminating technology to handle problems of water supply, domestic wastewater and solid waste – core issues with the ecological environment. Here, the electrodialysis module for salt water treatment has been operated by NGO experts and proven to be effective at separating salt thoroughly, promising to be a superior technology to bring to people in coastal and marine areas. Island standard domestic water source with reasonable cost.

On November 30, 2020, NGO International Co., Ltd attended the National Conference to summarize and evaluate environmental protection models in new rural construction towards socialization (According to invitation number 1516/ GM-VPDP-NV&MT on 11/23/2020). The conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Soc Trang Provincial People’s Committee at the Soc Trang Provincial Cultural Convention Center.

Participants in the Conference: Mr. Tran Thanh Nam – Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Standing member of the Central Steering Committee of the National New Rural Development Program; Mr. Vo Tuan Nhan – Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, member of the Central Steering Committee of the New Rural National Target Program; Mr. Nguyen Minh Tien – Director, Chief of Central Office for Coordination of New Rural Areas; Leaders of ministries, central branches, Soc Trang province and representatives of 41 provinces and cities nationwide. On the side of NGO International Co., Ltd., there were experts in environmental technology who attended the conference.

Conference overview

In recent years, due to the influence of climate change and human over-exploitation of water resources, saltwater intrusion has become complicated in coastal plains and islands. In many places in the Mekong Delta, salinity intrusion is 35-40 km deep, with salinity from 14.6-31.2 g/l, some areas have saline intrusion over 100 km. Salty water causes difficulties in daily life and production, especially in fruit growing areas where fresh water is considered as an input.

Faced with that situation, NGOs have introduced total environmental protection treatment solutions for water supply – specifically traditional RO technology for brackish water and supporting technology for highly saline water by electrodialysis.


NGO Experts are introducing to the Delegates about Electrodialysis (ED) Technology

1. What is Electrodialysis Technology (ED – ELECTRO DIALYSIS)?

Electrodialysis: is the process of separating ions by a membrane in which DIRECT CURRENT is used as the force to separate ions.

2. Principle of electrodialysis


3. Electrodialysis technology system


4. What are the advantages of Electrodialysis technology?

  • ED has outstanding advantages in treating saline water, especially saline water in HIGH Concentration
  • Can produce quality water with different TDS or salinity
  • Operation process using low-pressure water flow, NO high-pressure pump needed

With Electrodialysis (ED) technology, saline water will be treated optimally, contributing to improving the essential living needs of people. Customers who want to know more about the saline water treatment system, please contact us via our website for the best advice.

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