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HIGH-TECH WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS IN THE PLATING INDUSTRY The solution to plating wastewater treatment with high technology, little or no use of... View more
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SOLUTIONS TO TREATMENT OF WASTEWATER FROM SLAUGHTER This solution aims to simplify the wastewater treatment process from slaughtering domestic... View more
PETROLEUM WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTION Petroleum wastewater treatment solution provided and implemented by NGO is thoroughly... View more
OTHER INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES Industrial wastewater is generated from the production process of plants and factories.... View more
SMART B – SUPER-SAVING AND OUTSTANDING SOLUTION FOR AMONIUM &... SMART B – B Standard domestic wastewater treatment system, easy operation, small... View more
STARCH WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTION Due to its high COD concentration, poor decomposition by microorganisms, and high... View more
A-STANDARD DOMESTIC WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM BY MBR TECHNOLOGY With optimal design and footprint-saving, A-Standard domestic wastewater treatment system... View more
NEW ELECTROCATALYTIC TECHNOLOGY FOR AQUACULTURE WASTEWATER TREATMENT With optimal design, simple operation, electrocatalytic technology is effectively applied... View more
WASTEWATER TREATMENT SOLUTION FOR PIG FARMS BY NEW TECHNOLOGY NGO’s new technology to treat wastewater from pig farms without biogas tank and saving... View more
PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT METHODS Currently, wastewater in general contains many toxic pollutants, which require treatment... View more
MEMBRANE BIO-REACTOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY (MBR) Membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment technology combines both biological and... View more
SEQUENCING BATCH REATOR (SBR) Sequencing batch reactor is treatment tank by biological method by continuous batch... View more
MOVING BED BIOFILM REACTOR (MBBR) MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) is a type of media used in wastewater treatment systems,... View more
ANAEROBIC - ANOXIC - AEROBIC (AAO) AAO (Anaerobic – Anoxic – Oxic). AAO technology is a biological treatment process that... View more
CONVENTIONAL ACTIVATED SLUDGE (CAS) Activated sludge is a method by which microorganisms in wastewater attach to suspended... View more