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Membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment technology combines both biological and physical methods (biomass separation technique using MF/UF membranes with membrane pore sizes ranging from 0.1-0.4μm). ), has been successfully applied in the world in the field of wastewater treatment since the 1980s.


Hệ thống xử lý nước thải MBR
Hệ thống xử lý nước thải MBR

1. Operating principle

  • Membrane bioreactor is advanced wastewater  technology using biological methods combined biomass separation technique using membranes MF / UF membranes with a pore size ranging from 0,1-0,4μm.
  • Biological processes can be combined anaerobic-anoxic-aerobic (AAO, AO) depending on the required treatment or processing of organic matter thoroughly both nutrients (N, P).

2. Advantages's use membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment technology

  • Membrane bioreactor technology works with long SRT (sludge retention time), high MLSS and low ratio of F/M
  • Quality of treated water does not depend on sludge deposition
  • MBR has higher nitrification compared with conventional activated sludge process, because it takes bacteria longer time to conduct nitrification (SRT length, F / M Low)
  • The size of sludge cotton in the MBR sludge is small, allowing more metabolism of nutrients and oxygen.
  • The presence of the membranes in an MBR prevent leaching nitrifying microorganisms at short SRT and HRT 
  • MBR generates less sludge
  • MBR process can treat higher polution load (from 2.5 to 3 times higher than polution load of CAS)
  • Reduce footprint of the whole system 50% compared to conventional processes, Eleminate many steps of CAS process such as: secondary settlement, concentrated sludge, or other measures to remove more thoroughly BOD, SS
  • Treatment efficiency of microorganisms is very high, minimize the risks of infection, do not use disinfection chemicals
  • Less energy consumption
  • Excellent effluent quality, water after MBR process can be reused for many purposes such as irrigation, clean floor, toilet, etc
  • MBR has absolute advantage compared to other solutions in term of footprint.
Hệ thống xử lý nước thải MBR
Module màng lọc MBR-S80

3. Disadvantages's use MBR wastewater treatment technology 

  • Higher initial investment and operating cost if membrane's quality is not good which causes membrane fouling & clogging
  • Operation is complicated in term of cleaning membrane, require skilled operator to operate the system if membrane does not apply automatic cleaning (both by aeration or by chemical liquid)



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