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Nano Silver - New disinfectant for supply water factory and swimming pool

Nano Silver – A new disinfectant solution for supply water factory and swimming pool, applies advanced nano silver-sterilization technology to ensure effective bacterial treatment while keeping safe for human health.

1. What is Nano Silver?

  • Nano Silver – a sterilization product that applies silver nanoparticle technology, exists as a solution containing silver nanoparticles (1nm = 10-9);
  • Nano Silver is the optimal solution for treating supply water and swimming pool water with efficient removal ability of bacterial, fungal and ordor with the natural self-antimicrobial mechanism of Ag+ ion;
  • Nano Silver is superior to most common chemicals and disinfectants in terms of cost and safety.
  • Nano Silver has been successfully applied in the production of RO drinking water filtration, therefore it is very safe for human health and environment-friendly.

2. Outstanding advantages of Nano Silver in supply water & swimming pool water treatment:

2.1. Nano Silver has efficient ability of removing bacteria

  • Nano silver sterilizing technology simultaneously removes most microorganisms, harmful bacteria and fungi in water through the mechanism of inhibiting the respiratory metabolism and substances transportation via bacterial cell membranes, then leads to destroy bacteria.
  • To demonstrate the bacteriological treatment ability of Nano Silver for infectious water, the test was conducted as follows: Take 20 liters of tap water, add a volume of water taken from a river that the e-coli concentration is about 1000 MPN / 100 ml. Take samples for bacterial analysis. Add a volume of Nano Silver with 5ppb concentration of nanoparticles to the polluted water sample, then mix thoroughly. The analysis was taken after 20 minutes to show that the entire bacterium was destroyed.
  • With only 50 parts per billion, Nano Silver has ability to kill all bacteria and create a self-antiseptic mechanism for treated water even despite the appearance of new bacteria

2.2. Nano Silver is uttermost safe to human health and environment-friendly

  • Silver element has been proven to be harmless to human health with the relative high dosage and does not cause any unpleasant ordor as other sterilization products.
  • Nano Silver have been successfully applied in manufactering of drinking water purifiers.

2.3. Other benefits of Nano Silver

  • With silver nanoparticles’ high chemical strength and stability under the normal oxidation factors of environment, Nano silver has a long shelf life (preservation) of 1-3 years.
  • The consumption dosage of Nano Silver for water treatment process is less than some other disinfectants such as Chlorine because silver nanopartilces are not evaporated like chlorine. Therefore, the cost of nano silver is very economical.

3. Comparison of water treatment efficiency between Nano Silver and other methods in the market:

4. Used dosage of Nano Silver

Only 1 liter of Nano Silver is enough for 6000  liters of water having disinfectant properties for a month.

5. Nano Silver Packaging

Please contact NGO via phone numer (+84) 1664184216 or email office@8ngo.com for more information. 

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