NGO News – NGO has exported an integrated wastewater treatment module with reasonable price and simple operation to a non-Asean country.

Given the situation of water pollution and shortage of clean water sources all around the world, wastewater treatment becomes an essential mission in any countries. While Government and Environment Funds normally focus on Centralized Effluent Treatment Plants with very big capacities, decentralized wastewater sources from SMEs or micro business units are often ignored due to higher cost of implementation & high footprint requirement, as well as the many challenges that prevent owners of small business units to invest in environment protection.

After many discussions with SMEs, small business and service units, NGO understands what small business owners and managers concern most when decide an investment for environment protection purpose.


Is the cost of a good wastewater treatment system high?

How to set up a system in a small space, especially for business units in city centers?

When changing business location, owner would have to invest again in a new wastewater treatment system?

How to ensure the performance of wastewater treatment system? Will the system work and deserve investment?

Is it easy to implement and operate?

With the desire to help business owners to handle all above concerns and have a better option to fulfill their obligation in term of wastewater treatment as per Regulation, NGO team has design small mobile integrated module to treat wastewater from domestic and healthcare activities. This module is very simple in both design and operation, consumes less electricity and chemicals, requires small area and especially can move when business location is changed. Moreover, this module is comprehensively integrated, only need to connect module with wastewater discharge pipe and then clean water can be produced, performance can be observed easily before investors decide to invest or not.

Thanks to its convenience and reasonable cost, NGO has successfully exported this module to customers in other countries, even when customers have limited budget and lack of skilled human resource with environment background to operate the system.

Design of the module as below:


Certificate of orgin (C/O)

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