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NGO will be always willing to consult and commit to do our best to support you and your enterprise improve environmental quality. In order to wholeheartedly help you to handle problems related to environment, operational efficiecy improvement, laws compliance and and enhancement of business status,

We only choose to accompany with enterpirses that meets the following criteria:
1. Enterprises are operating normally accordance with Vietnam Business Law and having the sustainable operational orientation along with concerns about the environment and the community’s health
2. Enterprises have actual demands to build new wastewater treatment system or troubleshoot, improve, upgrade and complete the wastewater treatment system with capacity from 10m3 / day and night
3. Enterprises need technological consulting services

We won’t provide services for:
1. Enterprises only need reciprocal quotations for bidding
2.Partners have not high regard for customer benefits when providing solutions to customers
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