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Reverse osmosis is a modern solution for wastewater treatment/reuse. The advanced spiral design of the RO membrane removes impurities from the water supply without the use of chemicals, resins, or an ion exchange layer. NGO offers RO FR & XFR series reverse osmosis membranes that provide excellent anti-scale performance in wastewater treatment, which can effectively remove pollutants and reduce COD in water. The treated water is perfectly suitable for reuse in the manufacturing sectors, especially the electronics/plating industries.

FR: Fouling – Resistance

XFR: Extra Fouling Resistance

Outstanding advantages:

  • High, stable desalination rate
  • Strong resistance to pollutants
  • Can provide customized products according to customer requirements
  • RO membrane with special flow design, good anti-scale, suitable for input source with high pollution concentration.
  • Products are designed more optimally for installation, operation, maintenance and repair
  • Good physical cleaning ability, reducing the use of additional chemicals, saving system operating costs

With design capacity and experience in construction of water supply, wastewater & recirculation projects, NGO has a deep understanding of RO membrane technology and membrane applications for each specific case. We can help you choose the most suitable equipment, at the most optimal cost. Every RO membrane must meet or exceed stringent performance requirements such as salt rejection, permeable flow, pressure resistance, fouling resistance as well as quality consistency before shipment.

NGO is proud to be the only unit committed to ensuring the quality of RO membranes with customers for up to 3 years.

(*) Under operating conditions in accordance with design standards


If your business is interested in solution to inlet water treatment, or has a demand for ion exchange materials, please contact NGO via phone number (024) 3566 8225 or email office@8ngo.com for direct consultation.

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