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RO water purification system removes up to 95% of dissolved salts, inorganic impurities in source water, organic matter, bacteria...

Reverse Osmosis sysem also known as reverse osmosis filtration system with 0.0001 micron membrane. RO filtration is based on the principle of using high pressure on a semi-permeable membrane with a microscopic membrane size to remove impurities from water.

RO water purification system is suitable for all cycles that need pure, ultra-pure water, RO can remove almost all kinds of impurities that other treatment methods cannot solve. Usually RO is usually applied to:

  • Direct drinking water
  • Desalination system from salt water, brackish water...
  • Bottled water, beverage, food
  • Ultra-pure water for the electronics and semiconductor industries...
  • Ultra-pure water, injection water for the medical industry
  • Recirculating water treatment (wastewater recycling)

RO treatment capacity:

  • Remove from 95% to 99.8% of dissolved salts, inorganic impurities in source water
  • Removes up to 99.9% of organic matter, protozoa, virus, bacteria in water.

Advantages of RO:

  • Deals with pollution problems that other conventional filtration processes cannot solve. Bringing the best impurity removal, the best output water quality compared to other filtration cycles (UF, MF, traditional filtration ...)
  • Output water quality is very high compared to input, water after RO normally has been considered as pure water.
  • No need to add any chemicals to the water.
  • RO is the best water softening method, the water does not add sodium which is not as healthy as the normal softening method.
  • Due to their modular design, maintenance is easy. Scheduled maintenance can be performed without stopping the entire treatment plant.
  • Compact and requires less space than other desalination systems.
  • RO equipment is often standardized - pumps, motors, valves, flowmeters, pressure gauges, etc. Therefore, the operation is simpler, no highly specialized labor is required.

Equipment description:

RO is usually designed as a complete set, usually in a modular form, including:

  • Pre-filtration column: protects the RO membrane against large particles
  • High-pressure pump
  • RO membrane modules: Includes membrane cover and RO membrane.
  • Membrane Cleaning Kit (CIP)

Depending on the quality and water recovery requirements, the membrane modules will be installed in parallel or in series.

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